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M-RGE is bringing the very best New York City hackers and designers together under one roof. In connection with Alley NYC and Lean Startup Machine, M-RGE has announced that it's giving something awesome away to the startup community:

$1,000,000 worth of free space and classes.

The only requirement being that you have to be awesome yourself. Want to apply? Do it now - the offer only lasts until October 15th.


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M-RGE is possible because of the partnerships we build with leaders in innovation. We currently have three tiers of sponsorship that our partners participate in. For individual contributions, see our Kickstarter!


$1,000 contribution

  • Company name and logo listed on our website
  • Recognition during a meal that you sponsor
  • Opporunity to display materials (banners, swag) at the meal sponsored
  • Two tickets to the M-RGE Hackathon


$2,000 contribution

  • Identified in all materials for Hackathon
  • Public recognition at beginning of Hackathon
  • Opportunity to hand out swag and other promotional materials at Hackathon
  • Two tickets to the M-RGE Hackathon


$5,000 contribution

  • Custom survey of our startup community
  • Offer a prize to a hackathon team or individual via raffle or vote. (eg. iPhone, computer, software)
  • All benefits of Silver Sponsorship
  • Three tickets to the M-RGE Hackathon